VIDEO: Armed forces honor guard rehearses ahead of National Day celebration

The military’s joint honor guard rehearses its national day ceremony routine

Taiwan’s national day is coming up on October 10. On that day there will be a massive ceremony to mark the occasion. Included in the celebrations each year is a display from the military’s joint honor guard. Earlier this week, they were spotted rehearsing this year’s routine at Taiwan’s military police headquarters.

Members of Taiwan’s army, navy, and air force move in unison showing discipline and cohesion. This is Taiwan’s joint military honor guard and they’ll be putting on a much anticipated performance at Taiwan’s national day celebration on October 10. 

Earlier this week, the honor guard put on a dress rehearsal at Taiwan’s military police headquarters. A portion of this year’s performance will be done without music. The idea is to emphasize the sounds of marching and gun handling during the routine.

And, for the first time ever, the joint military honor guard will perform left-handed rifle spins, a high-difficulty maneuver that demonstrates the armed forces’ commitment to excellence. 

This year’s honor guard performance will be around 20-minutes long. Maintaining focus for that duration is no easy feat. But even that seems easy compared to the readiness and vigilance the armed forces are asked to maintain on a daily basis. 


News Source:RTI
Editor:Leslie Liao
Source: RTI