VIDEO: Organizers preview National Day celebrations

The logo for this year’s Taiwan National Day resembles a shield

Taiwan’s national day is coming up on October 10. On that day there will be a massive ceremony to mark the occasion. On Wednesday morning, the ceremony’s organizing committee presented a sneak peek of what the public can expect from this year’s celebrations.

October 10 is Taiwan’s national day. This year’s holiday will mark the 111th anniversary of the Republic of China’s founding. The Republic of China is the official name of Taiwan’s government. Every year, there’s a massive ceremony to celebrate the occasion. And these celebrations are overseen by a planning committee headed by the legislative speaker. On Wednesday, the planning committee held a press conference to show a preview of this year’s festivities. 

The theme of this year’s national day is a call on the public to come together and protect the country. That’s in the face of increasing military aggression from China, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory. This year’s logo resembles a shield, symbolizing the need for protection.

Legislative Speaker You Si-kun says that it’s more important than ever that Taiwan stands united and resists China’s bullying. He says Taiwan will not provoke war, but it stands ready to defend itself in the name of regional peace and democracy. 

The national day ceremony is divided into three parts: the prelude, the main ceremony, and then headline performances. There will be bands, military parades, performance troupes, dance groups, choirs, aerial displays, and more. 

At night there will be a concert in Taoyuan City, while a fireworks display will take place in Chiayi County to the south.

With celebrations taking place throughout the country, wherever you are in Taiwan, you will never be too far from festivities.

News Source:RTI
Editor:Leslie Liao
Source: RTI