President Tsai: Taiwan to continue to lead global semiconductor industry

A semiconductor chip (Photo: Unsplash)


President Tsai Ing-wen said that Taiwan will continue to lead the global semiconductor industry. She was speaking in her National Day address in Taipei on Monday. 


Tsai said that she wanted to emphasize to the global community that the concentration of the semiconductor sector in Taiwan is not “a risk”, but is the key to the reorganization of the global semiconductor industry.


Many nations have shown concern over the possibility of a conflict with China as military tensions have escalated in the Taiwan Strait. Countries like the United States are also striving to increase their semiconductor production capacity.


Taiwan makes over 90% of the world’s high end semiconductor chips which power everything from phones, cars, to computers and much more. 


Tsai said that Taiwan will help optimize the worldwide restructuring of the semiconductor supply chain, giving Taiwan’s semiconductor firms an even more prominent global role. 


President Tsai said that Taiwan will work to ensure the security of its critical infrastructure to maintain the normal functioning of its industrial sector, especially in the event of natural disasters. 


Tsai also said Taiwan is looking forward to further technological cooperation with other countries in the Indo-Pacific and in Central and Eastern Europe.


News Source:RTI
Editor:Natalie Tso
Source: RTI